Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dystopian Fiction

After listening to Dr. Carpenter's lecture and reading Henthorne's chapter, it is clear that The Hunger Games can be seen as a Dystopian fiction. As Dr. Carptener mentioned, a dystopia is an attempt at a utopia that has gone horribly wrong. This definitely explains Panem. Another fun fact about dystopian societies is that they serve the interest of a particular group. When you think about the hunger games, this explains the capitol. They only serve the interest of themselves and the people that live in the capitol. Nobody else matters to them. Dystopian societies value stability about everything else. The capitol also does this in the Hunger Games. The capitol punishes the districts by taking away their food. The capitol also takes away some of the districts rights when they are being punished. 
In Henthorne's reading he talked about how a dystopia and the hunger games are similar. In both, media is used to control people. In The Hunger Games, the games is used to control people. They have to watch kids from their district fight to the death. This dehumanizes the children along with the people from each district. Another interesting thing Henthrone mentioned was that the readers can picture themselves living in Panem through Katniss. Since she narrates the books, it is easy to "become" Katniss when you are reading them. He also says that district thirteen is more of a Utopia then a dystopia. He states that District thirteen is modeled after the attacks on 9/11. These are all interesting similarities that Henthrone and Dr. Carptener mentioned about the Hunger Games and Dystopian fiction. 

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