Tuesday, March 3, 2015

In Class Reflection

After viewing my classmates blogs, I found many some features that I really enjoyed about their blogs. I really enjoyed Haley's blog and her format. Her pink background is fun and compliments the filmcards nicely. On her blog, she has flip cards for each blog. In order to get to one blog, you have to click on the picture. It makes the blog look very organized and "clean."Haley's blogs are very long and detailed as well. Although she only has one picture per blog, she does a great job of choosing a picture that represents the blog topic nicely. 
 I like Brianna's blog because she includes pictures that compliment what she is discussing very nicely. Her background is a picture of the mockingjay pin. It catches the readers eye and compliments her blog nicely. Her blogs are also very long and detailed, which helps the reader understand what she is trying to say. She also does a great job of citing the sources she uses in her blog. In her last blog, The Condemned, not only did she compare the Hunger Games to the film, but she also found other television shows and films as well. Both of these blogs have a lot of great features that I plan on using for my blog! 

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