Sunday, March 1, 2015

Influence of television on society (Extra Credit)

What is the relationship or influence of text/ television on society? Make sure to include the reading (Chapter 5 by Henthorne) and compare the film The Condemned with The Hunger Games Trilogy in your reflection.

Television has a huge influence on society, sometimes for the better but most of the time for the worse. Both the film The Condemned and the Hunger Games trilogy are perfect representations of television having a negative influence on society. In the Hunger Games, the capitol films the games and it is shown live on television. The districts are forced to watch children they know fight to the death. This is a horrible influence because the people don't have a choice or say about the games. They are forced to watch it and the children are forced into fighting. In the film The Condemned, a director decides to make a television show that is streamed live on the internet. People have to pay fifty dollars to watch it. His idea is to get ten criminals and put them on an island together. Whoever is the last one alive wins and freed. A lady from a news channel interviews the director about this show and asks him how he can live with himself directing something so horrible, however she soon realizes that there are millions of people paying to watch this show. While the director may be in the wrong for producing it, so are the people who paid money to watch it. Television makes people do crazy things whether they are on the show or watching it. As we saw in both films, being on a show like this makes people do whatever they can to stay alive. It is very interesting how people in the film The Condemned paid to watch it. The director says this is because people love violence. I agree that action movies are fun to watch, however watching people kill each other because they are trying to survive is not the type of action I would hope people would enjoy watching. This movie made me question if that television show really did exist, would people actually watch it? I hope not, however that is not how I felt after watching the film. 

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